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Export to Filetype Feature

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Hello all


I know a similar topic was opened/closed but since it's more than half a decade late I thought it would be okay to re-ask this? 


Is there a feature or plugin that allows you to do 'Ctrl + Shift + E' that allows you to export to a separate filetype, such as .TGA, without having to flatten, save as .TGA, un-flatten, then resave as a .PDN? 


For example, I have a .PDN of round 20 layers. I want to export to .TGA quickly, so I hit Ctrl + Shift + E. And it automatically exports to .TGA. The name/properties of the .TGA would be configured the first time, via the Save As window and the 23-bit/32-bit option box. And it would automatically save with this name and properties any time you hit 'Export' in the future. 


Could this be added? If not, are there any plugins that help with this?



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Hey Ron! Welcome :)


The workaround is a handful of keyboard shortcuts:


1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to select all & copy. This selects the entire canvas composed of all visible layers and copies it to the clipboard. This also works for composite selections.

2. Press Ctrl + Alt + V to paste the composition into a new image.

3. Press Ctrl + S to save the new image, leaving the existing PDN image unchanged. Close the new image when you've saved it.


Cool eh? B)


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