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Here's my comments;


Another great tut from the master. Thank you for showing me some new things.  You actually have the old (and no longer available) version of the  Reshapeplugin.
@evanolds updated that version to 2 separate plugins and @toe_head2001 released another version called Quadrilateral Correction with control points you might like. Between the three of them I was able to understand the concept and get an effect I was happy with. Also a few changes to the blending modes allowed me to better get the reflection of the beams onto the city buildings. Thank you @welshblue for keeping me entertained for a few hours.

Fortunately you've also designed the Rockets to shoot them down in your earlier tutorial. Kudos to a great artist with a wonderful imagination.



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@Ego Eram Reputo ... I never thought of cows ... I was going to push my son from his bedroom window and capture it on camera ... :camera:  Thanks mate.


@Drydareelin ... thanks mate.  Coming from the Space guru that means a lot


@LionsDragon ... thanks.  I never did watch Torchwood.  


@AndrewDavid ... great outcome.  Although your image has disappeared.  Thanks for the kind words, and the input about the plugins.  I've found out different backgrounds can benefit from different blend modes ... and you got it spot on


@Seerose ... @Woodsy ... and @Pixey ... thanks guys, your kind words and support is always appreciated


@Eli ... cool result.  And sheep.  You know a way to a Welshman's heart ...


@dipstick ... I was hoping you'd put your own spin on it.  Nice job of choosing a great background.  How many frames in the animation ?


@lynxster4 ... it is quite sinister, but in a good way.  Nice glow around the ship.  Great result.


There used to be a community thread if I remember correctly, where people used to add stuff to an image. 

Plus There's an aeroplane tut' on the horizon ... not so much sci fi as sky high ...



Rep points when I've got some to give ... also thanks to AndrewDavid pointing me towards @toe_head2001's great Quadrilateral Reshape plugin, a bit of an edit to the tutorial coming up (sometime)

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43 minutes ago, toe_head2001 said:

Umm, I'm not sure Quadrilateral Correction does what you think it does.  It straightens skewed images back to proper quadrilaterals.


I was speaking without thinking (shock)  I hadn't tried it on the tut  ... I just liked the option that you could give people exact numbers to work with and was going on this.  

On 02/10/2017 at 10:52 AM, AndrewDavid said:

 Quadrilateral Correction with control points

My daughter is always telling me off for assuming


Distort This does work on the tut

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Loved making this - Shape 3D 'scares' me so much, but I loved doing the tutorial.  I must keep trying with it as it gives such great results.  I used a slightly different line pattern, just for fun.  Many thanks for the tutorial , especially with the xml's which makes life so much easier :D


Sorry to say as of this minute, Mickey has been beamed up from Florida :blank:.





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3 hours ago, dipstick said:

Dang, I must've forgotten which site I was posting on.


Haa!  I always suspected that you were RacerX, being in the doghouse and all.  Glad you didn't abandon the forum altogether.

Always loving your animations.  :P

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@dipstick ... nice animation.  72 Frames ? You've got more patience than me, but I've got to try an animation as inspired by you


@Pixey ... red really works.  In fact better than the blue I used.  I also like the the lined effect.  Great job all round.  Poor Mickey ...


Shape3D is a lot of trial and error.  Some textures can really work ... others suck.  Placement on the canvas is also important.  

I was thinking of starting a S3D 101 thread, where people can swap xml files for simple things.

My 2 perfume bottle entries and the glass in Madjiks tut are all S3D ... I think 3 xml  files in each one


An example of how things can work below




Copy the image below into a 800 x 600 canvas




https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvbcve3iypwedfl/cupcake ex 2.xml?dl=0 <<< run these settings


Use Quadrilateral Correction at the following settings




Voila ... a cupcake case




The following xml gives a half cylinder map


https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd74yra06jr90kr/cupcake ex.xml?dl=0



Edited by welshblue
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