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[LAOTW #3] Fire and Ice - Maxpower wins!

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Large Art of the Week #3: Fire and Ice - Maxpower Wins!

Awaiting Theme Decision

And the winner is Maxpower!

Second place goes to Jedi12 for another excellent piece!

Third place was a four way tie belonging to Welshblue, Topezia, phrebh, and LJXD

Description: Based on the popular 'Signature of the Week' competition, Large Art of the Week focuses on larger work, allowing for more room for creativity and is not demension locked. Pretty much, here is your canvas and here is your brush. Paint it 8)

Rules: These are the rules. If broken, your submition is disqualified

  • You must follow the weekly theme.
    You must follow the Paint.NET Forums rules, namely the image has to be family friendly
    Submition previews must not be any larger than 800x600, however you can link to a much larger version if you wish
    You must contain links to all stock used. Not doing so will bar you from any LAOTW competitions in the future
    You must not copy other's work or ideas. It must be original
    [update] Your work must be created in Paint.NET

Prizes: Got to have a prize, right?

  • You get to choose next week's theme
    You get your name added to the LAOTW Hall of Fame
    You gain world power (Yeah right)
    ...and perhaps more ;)

This week's theme: Fire and Ice

Well, because I was told so I had to choose the theme. But no matter, the theme this week is Fire and Ice!

LAOTW Hall of Fame:

ZizOiz - From a Storybook
Xpired - Science Fiction

This thread is for submissions only.

Please use this thread for discussion


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It's hundred per cent Paint.net, but of course animated with an other program, do not know if this breaks the rules, if so please feel free to disqualify me :D !

Good luck eveyone,



Oooops, just realized that the image I've used here is not my creation, cause I made it following one of Madjik's tuts! So I am self-disqualifying from the competition :wink: , but I enjoyed making this color changing animation since it was a while I did not use unfreeze,


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