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Suggestion Reiterated: Change DoubleSlider Increment When Shift or Control Pressed


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I'm going to repost this suggestion, because no one responded with either agreement or criticism when I posted it last February. The issue with DoubeSliders is significant, at least to me. Yesterday I was using my Paste From Clipboard plugin with a fairly large canvas. I noticed that with the current three-decimal-place precision of the location control, a singe click moved the pasted image more than a pixel.  I immediately considered increasing the number of decimal places, but if I did, using the increment on small canvases would be frustrating, because the image would hardly move at all with each click. I often encounter this problem with plugin whose controls require fine adjustments.


My original suggestion:




Double sliders have three values by which they can change: the UpDown increment, the small slider change, and the large slider change. Clicking the UpDown control adds or subtracts the increment. I would like to see the DoubleSlider control modified so that holding down the shift key while clicking would change the control by the small change, and holding down the control key while clicking would cause it to change by the large change.


There are many cases when the slider control precision has to be quite small (such as 4 decimal places) in some circumstances. Unless the increment is equally small, the only way to enter precise values is to type them in. However this often results in clicks for the typical circumstances producing almost no noticeable change. The proposed change would allow the rough position to be reached quickly, while still allowing precise adjustments. It would not affect the use of the control unless the user knowingly held down the shift or control key, so it would be unlikely to confuse a naive user.



Another, perhaps more straightforward, solution is to move by ten times the increment when the shift key is pressed, and 100 times the increment when the control key is pressed (and perhaps 1000 times the increment when both are pressed).

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