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Looking for a helplines/guidelines Plug-In

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so i've searched now for a long time and found nothing that comes nearly what im looking for.

Im looking for these epic Helplines/Guidelines which you probably know from gimp/photoshop. I really need sth like this for logo creation (and nope, i dont like gimp, thats why im here^^).

Not a grid! I need sth to make positioning exact and clean...thats only possible with helplines/guidelines^^


Does anyone know a PlugIn for that?

I've found many grid stuff but nothing similar to helplines/guidelines...


Thank you!

Greets hurricane

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I don't know what Helplines/Guidelines are (epic or otherwise), but if they're any kind of snap-to feature, that probably can't be done with a plugin. Instead of assuming we know what Gimp and Photoshop do, it would be better if you described in some detail the feature you want. If it just involves drawing lines at specified locations, that could probably be done reasonably easily.

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you can set helplines for example in the middle of the picture on horizontal and vertical way. Then you can import an image and let it focus on the exact meeting place of these two helplines(right upper/lower corner or left upper/lower corner). That would allow you to work very exact and perfect. My problem is just that i don't know how i should find the center of the screen and place an imported image exactly where i want it without helplines...paint.net offers so much tools and plugins which are easy and very fast to use. that is why i like paint.net so much: you can make many things very simple and in a very short time. That helpline feature would be perfect :)

here's a pic what i mean with docking and helplines in general: https://gyazo.com/060a11119414065d8abf4a1b18a97df9

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There is nothing like that in paint.net.  The closest thing you've already discovered and that is using a grid plugin to draw a grid on a different layer and use that to help you line things up.


If you are careful about putting stuff on their own layer, you can try this plugin to help align things:




Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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@HurricaneRL, if you can describe what you're trying to achieve, maybe something could be done to accomplish it in a different way. How do you want to specify the location for the imported image? I assume it would be the way you currently specify the location of the Helplines. Do you always want to add the image at its full size, or do you need to scale it? Do you always want to specify the position of the imported image relative to one of its corners? Do you want the position of the imported image within the canvas to be an exact pixel location, or does it need to be to subpixels?

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1 hour ago, AndrewDavid said:

Surprised MJW didn't mention it. He also made another one


I should have. The reason I didn't  (which probably didn't make sense) is that I thought @HurricaneRL wanted exact pixel positioning, which isn't easily done with Paste from Clipboard, because the double-vector location control isn't in pixels. Now that I think about it, though, I realize that that effect may satisfy HurricaneRL's needs, and even if it doesn't, it provides a starting point for discussing what they are.

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