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Can you make a grid line thicker??

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Hi, i use paint.net for bead art and i would like to know if there was a way can make a line thicker in order to help me knowing when a pegborad woulf end, the pegboards are 29x29, in paint.net that would be representented by a 29x29 grid, so, if i create a new image with for example, 116x116 pixels, every 29 would be a more thick line.


Thank you in advance :) 

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2 hours ago, Santiago said:

every 29 would be a more thick line.

@Santiago Welcome to the forum

I think your math is a little off. If you need every 29th line to be thicker you need to incorporate that into the size of your image. The way you describe it gives you a 4X4 square grid. If you want every 29th to be thicker - add 4 more to the size of the image (120X120) and make those lines 2 pixel wide. If you still need thin lines to separate your squares smaller - you will also need to add more pixels to your image.


As @welshblue suggested - Graph paper will work excellent to accomplish your task.


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