Can you put codes/ figures/references on colors

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*nodnodnod* Good field work! ;)


The randomness of the symbols has always frustrated me. And don't get me started on trying to match a color to the one in the picture, especially when, as you observed, they don't always match. Thus, the need for color keys.


Anything to simplify that system would be amazing.



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@LionsDragon, what I still need is information about, and examples of, the starting pattern images. If all the patterns were like the horse-head example you gave, the task would be fairly easy. If they were scans from the pages of the magazines I looked at, it would be, at least for me, prohibitively difficult. I need to understand what kind of patterns the plugin's potential users, such as you and @Santiago, expect it to handle.


Before I looked at the magazines, I thought I might backtrack on my absolute assertion that I couldn't handle scanned magazine images. However, after looking at their patterns, I'm quite certain they would be too complex for me to process. The icons within the cells make it more difficult, not less. And because the cell colors aren't exactly the thread color required, a plugin couldn't rely on the color within each cell, even if it could accurately determine what it was. Also, the cells are tiny, which makes avoiding errors in locating each cell even trickier. Another problem, at least with the cross-stitching magazine, is that sometimes letter stitching was shown superimposed over the top of the cells. So I can say quite definitely that I won't be writing a plugin that takes images like the ones in the magazine, removes their icons, and substitutes its own.


I will try to write a plugin if, 1) I can clearly understand the type of input pattern data I need to process, and 2) processing the input patterns is reasonably straightforward.

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