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can someone request art from me and i will try to do it

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A huge map of Skyrim.

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This post is off-topic and should be moved to the Grand Theory of Everything thread (or deleted).

If it isn't by the time you see this, here's an arbitrary list to keep you entertained:


A flying castle overcome by moss and vegetation

A colony on an alien planet with buildings highlighted in the crimson glow of the nearby unstable star

A realistic rendition of the old electric chairs used in skid row

A hand drawn with 8 fingers curled like the legs of a dead spider. Hyper-realistic, of course

Children in London on a playground tire swing

Fan art of your favorite character(s) from your favorite videogame and/or cartoon

An owl sitting at a desk with assorted wizardly goods and a nearby pet human in a cage

A prehistoric bubbling tar pit with a thrashing T-Rex whose right foot has plunged into it

A perspective shot of a child standing next to a fence and reaching such that it looks like they could pick up the Sun

Another perspective of the grown adult looming evilly over a ball of energy in a laboratory that looks like the moon

A rusting bucket on an abandoned porch

All the things you have ever witnessed in your life on the same piece of paper. Due tomorrow

A landscape drawn with increasing age left-to-right so the left side is 0 years passed and right side is 1000 years passed

Edited by Joshua Lamusga
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