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[FR] Save Workspace feature..

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sometimes it's nesessary to reboot computer or it hangs etc.. and if you have many pictures opened in pdn - it's always a big trouble to restore all that stuff.. anyway you will loose all the action history for that images..

if there will be a feature allowing to save and then open your workspace with all opened and in-progress pictures with all the action history - it would be great featuture!

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why do you focus on my RAM amount?? 



it's been a few times when windows got it's updates and forces my PC to reboot! And I have to reopen my twenty pictures i'm working with. It's a big pain.

Even Google has it's reopen last closed pages feature. very helpful.


PS. by the way latest version of pdn doesn't crash anymore! great



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I'm focusing on the RAM amount because you said you're opening a lot of images. That uses up a lot of RAM, which can cause crashes. More RAM helps, and ensuring you're on a 64-bit edition of Windows is basically mandatory.

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Rick, this feature request is about adding a function to save the list of opened images to a session file and restoring that session again. He named his various use cases to illustrate when he could use that feature.


Discussing whether the use cases can be circumvented by buying a new PC or setting up a different OS configuration is not the point here. Session files could be useful in many more cases. :)

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