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I am afraid I already know the answer, but here goes. I am trying to take a picture I have in one file and move it onto a picture in another file. Both files are open, but I cannot find a way to move the one onto the other. I can do this in Photoshop. Is this something that Paint.net is not able to do> Hope the question makes sense. image.jpeg.4f93de82e3c466fd758cb4aa44edac4b.jpeg These are the 2 pictures. I want to move the horse on the right onto the book on the left then resize it so it looks like the horse is on a page of the book.

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Simply load the second file as a new layer in the first file or - if already open both - select the entire file, use copy (ctrl + a, ctrl + c) and paste it in the other file AS a new layer. Then you can change the layer properties... it's absolutely simple and standard. Tip: Use HELP (F1) in Paint.NET, if you has no clue about the program.

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If you want more flexibility, you might try my Paste From Clipboard plugin. You copy the original image to the clipboard using Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+Shift+C for the merged image), then run the plugin in the layer you want to transfer the original image to. If you want only part of the original image, you can use a selection.


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