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Unfortunately, the line tool only uses the primary color to draw the line.  That means, that if you choose a dashed line style, the dashes will be drawn using the primary color and the spaces in between the dashes will remain the original canvas.


You might be able to draw two lines (one on top of the other--first using the solid background color, then using the dashed primary color).  Not optimal, I know. But, hopefully this will help you.

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You can draw a colour map on a separate layer. Then draw dots on another layer with one single colour. Then use magic wand to select the dots, go to colour map and copy selection. Then paste the copied parts on to the layer you desire to get coloured dots. However, this cannot fully control the dots colour. For example, you may want a specific order of colour, which is not easy to achieve with this method.


If you want coloured dots with specific order, you can paint your colour map while looking at the dots so that you can control the colour. It may not work for crowded dots. However, if you are making crowded dots, you can try to use Brush Factory plugin to do the job.


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