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Recolor Tool Coloring Additional Layers

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I'm using the recolor tool to subtly change the color of a given layer. Everything was going fine, but now the tool is also coloring an additional layer even when only my target layer is selected. My other ten layers or so are untouched. I must have changed something, but as far as I know I was just doing what I had done before. Any advice?



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Welcome to the forum :)


Editing operations in paint.net are restricted to the active layer. This means the Recolor tool cannot operate on any layer except the active one. I suspect what you're seeing is actually the result of a blend mode in one of the other layers. As you recolor, the blend mode is reacting with the recolored pixels to produce unanticipated results.


You mentioned that only one layer was affected. Check that layers properties and see if the blend mode is set to something which might cause this.

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