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How to move something out of Canvas from one side and reappear on the other side?

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Hello, so I'm trying to make an animated picture of a GIF and I need some help. So the picture I'm dealing with is an 8-bit picture or like a pixel art sorta thing. So there's these clouds on the picture and I want them to be moving but like make it look like a loop. Now as you can see with the attached file, I want the clouds to move to the right and eventually they will fallout or disappear from the canvas or the image, now while they're disappearing on the right side i want them to reappear on the left. so like a portal go in one side and like come out the other. I've figured out one was to do it, which is copy the clouds, paste them on the left side and keep moving them pixel by pixel so they move each frame.  This is may be quite confusing and I'm sorry i just don't know how to explain it better. But any help would be appreciated.


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