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Layer selection challenge / configuration?

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Hi All,


I have come from a PhotoShop background (:roll:) and am finding one particular behaviour of the Paint.NET program to be quite frustrating.


The behaviour that I refer to is how Paint.NET treats layer selection; more specifically whenever I deselect a layer (by unticking the box) the next layer down is automatically selected...




...next layer down is automatically selected...




Because I expect the layer that I clicked on initially to remain active it is quite disconcerting and I end up making modifications to the wrong layers.


Is there a setting to modify this behaviour.


Kind Regards,



Edited by Mr Davo
<No cursing.>'n hell!!!
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@Mr Davo, you are not the only one who dislikes that feature. As in, dislikes it with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. The supposed advantage is that users won't be confused by making modifications that can't be seen. I fail to understand why it's better to make modifications which can be seen, but are to the wrong layer. It always struck me to as a quintessential example of a cure that's worse than the disease.


It can't be disabled. If it could, I would rejoice.


There are a number of other threads complaining about this behavior.

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You weren't 'salty' enough when you asked :lol:


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