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All Align Object plugins I try don't work for me

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Hi @DazzaDman, welcome to the forum.


Please check the following:

  • Is the object on its own layer & does not cover the whole layer?
  • Do you have any selections active? If so, deselect.
  • This one, is the thing that gets me most of the time - is the layer you want to work on the active one? Very easily overlooked :( 

Perhaps sending us a screenshot of what you are trying to do if none of these things helps



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I'd guess that @DazzaDman is using Align Object incorrectly, since the word object is being used in a special sense which might not be obvious. (If so, he wouldn't be the first to make that mistake.)


DazzaDman, in PDN parlance, an "object" is a region of non-transparent pixels surrounded by transparent pixels; basically, an image on a transparent background. Align Object centers a set of non-transparent pixels in an otherwise transparent layer or selection. For example, if you have a transparent layer, then use the Text Tool to write something,  Align Object can be used to center the text. It will not, for instance, center something on a white background -- transparent only!

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@barbieq25 BTW, I what i want to do is centre my picture on the canvas behind it. It isn't working for me. Also, I had the picture I wanted moved selected when I inserted it. And yes, I am moving the object I want moved on it's own layer.

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Hi @DazzaDman and Welcome to the forum :D.


As @barbieq25 mentions, make sure the Plugin is not selected (no lines around the image) before you use the Plugin.





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