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Music concepts used to create abstract color art


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With software like garage band, popular with some Mac users, people with little or no musical writing ability can slice and dice, mix and match bits of pre-recording music to create something new and entirely different from the original.

Being a person who writes music, I appreciate the "creative" ability behind the skill of taking one thing and transforming, transmuting it into something entirely new and different, even if the person who does didn't really play or write anything per se.

It made me wonder if the concept was transferable to computer art, and it seems so.

I start by taking whatever image of anything really, usually some bland astronomical photo - slicing off a piece of it, and then just going to town on it using the various effects available in paint.net.

I do not use any other programs to do this.

Just like the garageband type production, I see this as fun, pop art - purely designed to dazzle and please the eyes with intense colors, contrasting colors blended together to create a very intense colorful abstract.





http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e38/j ... eer/23.jpg

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