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What happened to this effect?

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There used to be a really useful effect in paint.net that I just discovered is missing in v3.35, and that's the outline effect. I don't remember exactly what it was called, but it was a single effect in its own menu tree branch and it drew a nice outline around an object of specified color, width, and softness. Why isn't it in there any more, and is it available as a plug-in? I couldn't find anything about it searching the forum, but then do you realize how many hits "outline" as a keyword gets? :lol:

Thanks. And BTW, I just love the program. It's my chief graphics program. ;)


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Ahh. Might need to update it then. Older versions had to be blocked for stability reasons. Check up on the menu item, File->View Plugin Load Errors, to see if it's being blocked.

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Sorry for taking so long to get back to this thread. I didn't know subscriptions defaulted to "off" and you know how they say time flies -- well it does whether you're having fun or not. :lol:

So I understand the effect I'm looking for is part of pyrochild's plug-in now, and I should look here for that, correct?

Rick -- the menu item you asked me to check doesn't exist on my version of Paint.net and I looked all over for it. Maybe it's a menu item that only shows up if you've got extra plugins beyond what comes standard?


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The Outline effect is part of pyrochild's plugin pack. Do you have it?


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