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Copy and paste in a layout

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Suppose you want to copy one item (a circle) and paste it three other times so they are all (their centres)  at the corners of a square. How to do that without lots of fiddling with the final positions?  I want to do it like that lots of times. 

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Thanks for your reply- how does that put the circles at the corners of a larger square- in my case I want six in a line many times plus into a H sort of shape



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Showing an example of manually placing circles
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Also, something you may want to try:

--position all of the circles in one section.

--merge the layers of circles into one layer.

--duplicate that layer and slide it over to the position you want the next row.

--merge the two layers of circles.

--mirror that half of the picture over the half without the circles.


You'd have to be very precise with where you positioned the first two rows, but this seems to be the closest to an "automatic" way to do it. Art takes time. :)


Also, what are those symbols on the circles? It makes it look like several slices of wood, which is kind of a cool effect.



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Or you can create one circle on a square layer.

Copy it to the clipboard.

And use BoltBait's from clipboard effect. (You will create a tile)

Delete the circles you do not want to keep.


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