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Line/Curve tool, constrain to straight?

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Line/Curve tool, constrain to straight?


I draw a straight line between two points. I then wish to extend the ends to the edge of the canvas before 'finish'. I cannot currently see any way of doing this without bending the existing line.
Is there a modifier key to constrain the control nubs to a straight line?


I suspect there is not (as shift is used as an angle constraint) and I couldn't find anything in the docs.
If so, please could one be added or ...(even better and more user friendly) add a straight line option next to the Spline and Bezier options?


Thanks for considering


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Still no progress on this one as of 4.2.10 ?

It is a pain to try to edit a line that is intended to be straight as it just bends when dragging the ends.
Why the tool is named Line / Curve if it can only make curves?

Yes I know the line can be rotated also around it's center, but this makes precision drawing much more difficult in many situations. What I want to do is simply just edit the end point without affecting the start point.




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