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red, blue, green adjustments

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I take lots of photos of clothing.  Due to different lighting some colors are hard to pinpoint.  Blues and greens.  I have a picture of a hat that is blue green teal colors.  In the photo it looks a lot more blue then green.  Does paint.net have a simple adjustment button to add or subtract just a hint of red, blue or green.  I used a software years ago that had that option.  Just 3 color bars you could drag to add or subtract those colors.


Definitely new to Paint



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If you have my plugin pack installed, you could try Hue/Saturation+




I first start by setting Alpha Adjustment to -100, then tinkering with the first 4 sliders to isolate the pixels I want to adjust.


Then, reset the Alpha Adjustment and tinker with the Adjustment sliders to get the proper shade for the hat.

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