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plugin for "headline" text?

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I'm new to Paint.net - just installed yesterday. I see that back in mid-March, Kokain asked a question about problems he was having with a WordArt plugin, but didn't say which one he was using. What are some WordArt or "headline" plugins? I need to put one on top of a photo to make a book cover, but I need to be able to manipulate its background ....

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Hi @Ashleen O'Gaea and Welcome to paint.net :D.


I've not heard of that particular Plugin on this forum, but we do have Text Plugins and here are two:




I noted in an older thread that one of our Mods, said this about WordArt:

"Just type your word art in a Microsoft Office program and press the print screen button on your keyboard. Then, open up a new image in paint.net and press ctrl+v to paste. Crop to the word art and it is ready to use."  Quote by @pdnnoob


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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You don't need a plugin. Paint.net comes with its own powerful text tool. The trick is to place the text on its own transparent layer so you can manipulate the layer independent of the rest of the image.


Loni has some stunning book covers in her gallery here


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A useful trick when using the Text tool is to type the text, set a reasonable font size, then open the list of Font styles. Put the mouse cursor over a style, but don't click. Instead, use the Up and Down keys to move among the styles. Before BoltBait mentioned this method, I spent a lot of time clicking one style at a time until I found the one I liked.

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