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Distorting a portion of a picture

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I have a photo where a road ends in the center of the photo. I want to get the road to be leading towards the top right corner of the photo. I just downloaded the Madjik pack, and I previously had boltbait so I have a lot of tools - I just don't know which to use. 

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52 minutes ago, MadJik said:

Hi clgx,


It's often depending on the picture. If you could provide a link it will help us.


My first choices would be Tube Oblique or Oblique. You'll need probably to use multiple layers and some transparency.


Here's the image I'm trying to work with. 2qQG1MB.jpg


The goal is simply to imply that our acceleration is non-linear - so I wanted the image to look as if it's not just accelerating forward, but up as well. 

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