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Is there a way of me getting my files back?

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So this time I saved my file as a classic PDN file and sent it to my USB. Sent it to my Mac, converted it to a PNG File (On my Mac) and my image was lost. PLEASE HELP!!! I SPENT SO LONG ON THIS AND I REALLY DONT WANT IT TO BE LOST!!! ??

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Why are you using a Mac to convert the PDN file? It is unlikely to recognize the format.


Reopen the image in paint.net and use File > Save As... to specify either a PNG file format (if you have transparent areas you want to preserve) or a JPG file format (no transparency).


Pro Tip: do not type the extension in. Select it from the drop down list in the Save dialog.


Copy the saved file to your USB and then use the Mac to open it.

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E.E.R has just posted. I had a slightly different interpretation of the problem:


Try looking for the original Pdn file, possibly.
1. On your Windows computer, Recycle bin? I guess you haven't configured windows back-ups?
2. On the USB drive?
3. On the Mac somewhere?

Did you actually delete the Pdn file and empty the recycle bin, each time you moved it?
If you did, I'm afraid you may have to put it down to experience, remember to back up important files and make an even better version next time!;)


Good luck!


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