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Polygon Selection + Pen Tool

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Well we haven't committed to doing magnetic lasso :) However we have not committed to not doing it. Tom wants to implement it, but it's a matter of available time and whatnot.

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Well, no im talking about for example, you have a square selection, where you use them to put in a selection, with the dotted lines, you also have the circular selection and the freeform (lasso) selection, theres another on PS where you can click, move mouse click again and move mouse click again, move again and click the starting are, so you have a polygon area thats "selected" while a pen tool is the same thing, but it just makes a polygon "paint tool," jesus this is complicated im sorry. You just gotta see it.

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This has been discussed a little bit somewhere's else. Until a polygonal select tool is built(if it is built), you might try this:

1. Make a new layer

2. with antialiasing and transparency fading turned off, draw the polygon with the line tool.

3. select the inside or ouside of the region with the magic want at a low tolerance.

4. and go back to the layer you want to select from.

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