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Good noise-producing or quality-reducing tools?

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Hi @dirty dan 

Welcome to the forum


Here's my suggestion


Take your original photo.

Duplicate it three times

Bottom layer additive

Middle layer additive

Run Artistic/Color sketch on top layer


Duplicate that layer three times

Top - Overlay

2nd - Color dodge

3rd  - Difference

4th Normal


Here's what you get 




Move your original image from second last position to 2nd position (Multiply layer)

and you get better colorization






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Try this:


- Open image (It helps if the image is a jpg format.)

- Effects > Photo > Sharpen (Amount 20) Click OK.

- Ctrl+F (Repeat until it looks like the photo above.)

Try my Overblur for a more extreme way  (it too can be used repeatedly producing concentric 'halo' type effects).


PolyGlitch may also be useful.


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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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