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Blending shading/colors of two joined photos with different brightnesses.

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I have searched for and watched several youtube videos on blending and gradients, and I'm not finding anything relevant. I have attached an image showing the before and after of what I'm trying to accomplish.  It doesn't need to be this perfect. The idea is to do a gradient blend (proper terms?) on each half toward the average intensity of the areas closest to the join. Note that it is impossible (in a real example) to match the two halves by using brightness, hue, etc, as there are some slight coloration differences due to different lighting.  This example was created by doing a gradient brightness adjustment on an original, even lighted photo (the image on the right), and then taking the original and adjusting the brightness and hue on different sections (on the left - representing the photos to be joined).  ---  And this is the result I want - gradient brightness (and colors) - as opposed to an even lighting solution. --- Edge matching is the most important thing.




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