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I'm recoloring maps atm for a strategy game mod. I find the recolor tool very tedious and tiring to use.

Firstly, one has to press the mouse button all the time, which means recoloring has to be done in sections.

Which brings me to the main prob: In order to recolor mountain ranges etc. the tolerance has to be set quite high. So if I run the brush into an already recolored section, it re-recolors it, making a mess.
Are there any advanced plugins that can fix that or is there a simple way to avoid that?
Short video attached to illustrate my failings....


Thanks in advance!

Video on Youtube

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Hi @agibaer and Welcome to PDN.


Another way would be to use the Lasso Select tool to trace around the borders, make a new layer and use the paintbucket to fill.




Click the above to see a larger picture.

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