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Is there a plugin to bend something into a circle?

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I can find records of a plugin called "Rec to polar conversion" or something, but I can't find it.

The current polar inversions plugin does not seem suited to bending the likes of a panoramic photo into a circle.


To be crystal clear, what I want to do is to have something like say a bunch text bent into a circle.


The current polar inversion plugin does not seem suited to do this no matter what I try, it does not keep the text size constant.


Update:  I tried the rec to polar plugin, but it was no good.  Also, i found a plugin that works on text, but that won't actually suit my purposes (without making a custom font)

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Try this technique:


Basically it converts this




to this



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I just made that image. Are you sure you're using the correct plugin? Check the screenshot for the icon.


Edit: find it in Effects > Distort > Polar Transformation

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That's what I was thinking. Also why I used a screenshot of the plugin dialog so he/she could be sure.

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