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History deleted, can it be restored? (Help Me Please!)

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So, I was editing on paint.net and unfortunately after editing something it started to crash. Then, when it unfroze i went back way far because I thought that I edited something a lot, and it turns out I went too far and deleted everything



. Now it's gone from my history, and I can't get it back. Can anyone help? I'm really just upset since I worked really hard on it and it's gone now..

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Hi Imy3672 - welcome to the forum.


Unfortunately things don't look good for your changes.


If the editing session is still open, you can step forwards and backwards through the History with the Undo and Redo buttons. Beware, making a change at a previous point in the History removes all subsequent entries - just like "Back to the Future" movies :)


If you have closed paint.net the changes are gone. The History is not saved between sessions.


If you navigate to the image using Explorer, you might be able to restore something more recent by right clicking on the image and selecting "Restore previous version"


Good luck!

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