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Trying to edit my face on a black and white picture

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2u8aAMf.pngok so i try to put my face on the famous picture of salvador dali with his ocelote cat wich is in black n white, so that it looks like iam him but this is my first time EVER trying to do such a "complicated" task in paint or anywhere else to be quiet frankly. Now i took a pic of me and cut the face out and put it on top of salvador dali and then made it black and white so it matches but you can cleary see the outline of my face and the rest of salvador dalis face and i try to blur that out with many plug ins but i cannot succeed. so i am asking for help! Can anyone do it for me (ill only use it as a profile pic on whatsapp so dont feel like i stole your work please :) ) or explain me how to do it! For further clearification i put my progress so far as an imgur link (since the file wouldve been to big) to the thread  ! Thanks in advance

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Well, the edges of your face are to sharp so they are easily visible. You can avoid this with plugins like Tweak Transparency V2 or Alpha Blur.

Second problem: Contrast, sharpness and Luminosity should fit better to the underlying image. Your face is a little bit lighter than Dalí.


Instead of using plugins you can use the eraser with minimum hardness (0%) to make a soft transition manually.


Important. Always use a new (transparent) layer to put in your face.









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