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the unnecessary bottom status bar, interface, suggestion, some things

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the "bottom status bar" is what i'm calling this section of the interface that displays tool hints, resolution, and cusor location. i don't like the bottom status bar or any of the information displayed on it. the hints are unnecessary, the resolution display redundant, and the "information on the pixel your cursor is currently placed" is rarely ever needed, i can't think of any time i actually needed a use for this information to be displayed


is there a way to remove or hide the bottom status bar to gain more screen-size? it makes fast usage of the bottom horizontal scrollbar is more difficult because it's not on the very bottom edge of the screen. imagine using your web browser and not having your vertical scrollbar directly on the right edge of the screen, doesn't that seem tedious and strange?


there was also a movement of the "zoom in/zoom out" section of the interface from the top menu down into this bottom status bar. i want to move this back to the top section where it was in older versions because it's position was more convenient


if there is currently a way to change any of this i would very much appreciate knowing. it could be accomplished in a similar style to firefox customization, basically you drag and drop sections of the interface elsewhere, disable menu text, change text size, icon size, etc, place empty space between sections... i realize this probably isn't an issue for others and so there's no reason to ever develop it but there's no harm in voicing my interest in these sort of features


also, this is only partially related, but is there a way to remap hotkeys? i know we have a settings menu now with a fair amount of useful features, but i haven't found anything for remapping

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