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some recent works from the past 2 years

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i've used paint.net without any custom addons for almost a decade now, maybe longer, but today i upgraded to the version 4 and started looking through the addons and everything available here. since from today onward i will use a new paint.net with new addons, i figured i can show a few things from the last 2 years using my old setup, starting with the most recent



the technique i'm currently experimenting with is stretching portions of an image to recreate the original. you can see this in all the pictures above to various degrees. it results in stretched gradients, brushstroke-looking blocks of color, and the effect is interesting i think. i have been considering creating an addon to make this type of work easier or perhaps even automate a portion for fun



also just using layers and the layer filters to impose simple effects, it's a useful basic skill and you can always learn something new or a nice combination, or maybe even just the basic effects in different combinations



other things i've experimented in the past years are glitching/databending a variety of ways to generate interesting results, like the last 3 pictures which i consider 'waves'. i was also trying to generating patterns as you can see


anyway i know it's not a whole lot of original work, even though this is just a sample. most of the things i make now are just edits of my photos, but i try new things every so often. hope you enjoy

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Welcome to the forum @OverraughtEnclave.  Some very nice pieces you have presented, thanks for sharing!   :)

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