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Oil Painting Questions

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I've never used oil paint.

I really want to but I'm super concerned about health impact.

The only place I have to paint is where I sleep and I'm concerned about the fumes etc?

How bad is this and how can I get around it?

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Hi Twist,
This forum is for 'paint.net' computer software not 'real' paint.


However, I have painted in oils since I was a child, often in the same room as where I sleep.
I'm still alive!

If you must paint where you sleep. Do open up the windows and use minimal solvent (turpentine or mineral spirit).
Good quality pigments are toxic too - don't eat them, or allow children or animals to either.
Washing brushes uses the most solvent - do this outside.


There are many forums on the net that do discuss oil paint (with dubious advice). Manufactures (eg Windsor & Newton) and online retailers
(eg. Jackson's) have good information and advice about their products.

Hope that helps - good luck and enjoy!:)

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13 hours ago, Red ochre said:




如果你必须油漆你睡觉的地方。 打开窗户,用最小的溶剂(松节油或石油溶剂油)。


有许多网上论坛,讨论油漆(可疑的建议)。 生产(如温莎&牛顿)和在线零售商
(如。 杰克逊)对他们的产品有很好的信息和建议。


Thank you for you sharing.

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