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[Help]Muti images (same image) as background

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I did what is in the pic manually, but since I want a much bigger picture, I'd like to know if there is any plugin that does it automatically. A plugin that multiplies the image and puts them exactly side-by-side automatically.

Thanks in advance


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3 hours ago, MJW said:

Two other methods are Paste From Clipboard and Red ochre's Aadrvark. Both provide the option of antialiasing, which can produce better results for some images. For Aadrvark, the scale factor is the number of repetitions instead of the proportional size, which can make it easier to evenly subdivide the image.

Thanks for the tips. I saw nice effects with Aardvark. Just that in it it seems that I cannot work with a very small image. But for bigger ones, very nice idea.

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If the intended final image will be small then worrying about anti-aliasing could be overkill.
However, it maybe worth first resizing the image larger (Image/Resize/use the % option & keep aspect ratio), then tile, then resize back to the intended size.
Sounds more complex than it is!;)


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