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Object of the Fortnight #7 – Viking Ax – Winners


Object of the Fortnight #7 – Viking Ax – POLL OPEN  

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You may vote for up to 3 entries.

Poll will close on at 0600 UTC (6:00 AM UK Time) on Saturday, June 10.

See the Countdown for exact time remaining

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Congratulations to Maximilian, AndrewDavid, LionsDragon on some most impressive (and rather scary) entities. I particularly liked the view-angle of Maximilian's entry, the complex handle of AndrewDavid's entry, and the blade engraving on LionsDragon's entry.


Sorry I didn't have the time to submit my own.


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@MJW, thanks! I didn't want to go as over-the-top as the Mammen axe (almost certainly a decorative/funeral piece, and I wanted something that might see some use). However, I knew it was traditional to carve runes on weapons or on pieces that were for rituals. I thought three Tyr-runes (tradition) and a nice gripping beastie would be a good balance.





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I hereby salute everyone involved in the contest, much especially those who made me win! :lol: I always enjoy doing Vikings-related art and the idea for the ax contest began with this sketch I've been working on for a while now (still needs improvement):




I had meant to submit a second entry —roughly based on the first one though with its own distinctive features— but couldn't finish it on time, so I thought I could show it here once the contest was over:


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