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Hey there, and welcome to the forum LaffRTees :D


You posted this in the Pictorium section of the forum - requests for assistance are better suited to the paint.net Discussion & Questions section. I'll move it for you ;)


Have a look at the technique explained in this  (very comprehensive) post:


If you want something that's a little less work, there is a plugin here:


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Is the original question about turning the photo into a silhouette, or is it about somehow making the photo comparable with something called "Silhouette software." If it's the first, follow Ego Eram Reputo's suggestions. If it's the second, it would be helpful to provide more details, since I bet few if any here have heard of Silhouette software. If it's the one I found with Google, it seems to accept all the common image formats, so I'm not sure what sort of conversion is necessary. (If it's neither converting to a silhouette or converting an image so it can be used by the Silhouette software mentioned above, please explain what you're trying to do.)

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