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Find correct filter for recolor

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If I have a picture before and after recoloring, is there a way to figure out which color I used for the recolor tool? I need to recolor something else with the exact same color tint, but I don't know which color I originally used when recoloring my first picture

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There's so many color manipulation plugins and nowbody here knows, which of them you have installed und used. And without the images it will be a little bit difficult to give concrete tips.

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It sounds like an equation to be solved  :


Color1 + ColorX = Color2


I need to find ColorX:


ColorX = Color2 - Color1


I was not good in math and that was a very long time ago. I do not remember having high grades in arts class either so my color mixing theory may not be true. :mrred:


It is an interesting problem and would be cool to have a color calculator or mixer.

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