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Paint.net compresses my files and makes them useless

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I've got a 50kb png file which someone else has created for me. I open it with paint.net then save it as a new file. This file is only 1KB. If I try to show it on my website it looks all wrong, unsurprisingly. See the image below - the top image is the original the bottom one has been through Paint.net. 


What's going on and how do I stop this? I tried letting Paint.net auto select the bit depth, and selecting 32bit myself but it made no difference.


I can't use MS Paint because I need an area of invisible colour.




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OK, sorry, the problem is with how I'm setting the image sizes on my website, not Paint.net. Surprising that it reduces the file sizes so much.


Here's a before and after. They are both pngs. The first is 47.93kb. The second I have created by opening the first with Paint.net and saving it at 32 bits. It is only 727b. 


Paint.net open and save.png

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Your original image has only 616 bytes of actual image data and large amount of data in other bits. 12kB in xml text and 35kB in ancillary chunks.5924157941097_Image010.png.bd3fbbdbc1f33115793195d55c2be115.png

The version made by paint.net has 583 bytes of image data and discards all the proprietary chunks.

So there's actually only a 5% compression from Fireworks CS6 to paint.net.

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If you want to minimize files size then you should always use a "post-processing" solution, like PNGGauntlet or pngcrush or whatever the hot new thing is these days.


Paint.NET doesn't have "crusher" functionality built-in to its PNG codec because it's REALLY REALLY SLOW. Like 30 seconds to save a 50KiB image. You don't want that every time you press Ctrl+S. Just do it once, when you're done, before you upload.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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