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Can't locate a 'Tile' plugin - Can anyone help?

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Hello there.  I'm trying to find if there is a Paint.net plugin that will easily tile an image into a configurable number of tiles.

I can do it quite easily in Irfanview but would like to have a Paint.net way of doing it also.

I tried DataDink's plug-in but it instantly closes /crashes Paint.net, and I've tried Search to no avail.

Can anybody assist, please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there @wreckage


Just a sort of convoluted way of doing it.


First you need this plugin for paint



You might have it already if you know how to add PS Filters to Paint.Net


Then travel the net to http://telegraphics.com.au/sw/ and look for the scramble filter.

"Break an image into square or rectangular blocks, and rearrange them randomly, like a sliding block puzzle."


@toe_head2001 Neither one of those suggestions will work. Trust me - I've tried. @BoltBait is designed to paint a picture with tiles and @MJW will tile an image into a layer.


I'm sure they will correct me if I'm wrong


Hope this works for you @wreckage

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If the number of required tiles is reasonably small (less than say 20x20 tiles), you could try my TileWorld plugin.


You can place individual tiles by single-clicking. Place a string of tiles with click-and-drag.



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