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Thanks everyone! @LionsDragon Painting minerals is hard because of the way light interacts with crystals, I can only imagine it's much harder than using semi-transparent layers in PDN :D. Of course if that's what you want to do, I can't complain because minerals are awesome and hey, it's something new to work on.


I just -finally- got a drawing tablet to play with, borrowing it from my friend, and it seems quite a lot more likely that I'll be able to draw reasonable things:


This is done in Krita (so I won't be sharing other sketches directly here). No references, second thing I drew with the tablet and I have no idea what a wyvern should look like. I'm thinking its body is too long (I left the right side of the body not-quite-finished anyway). But this is excitingly better than what I get myself with pencil and paper.

Since I have a drawing tablet for the time being, I'm hoping I might be able to add pressure sensitivity support in Brush Factory in PDN. No promises on when, though. I realize there are multiple APIs (Window Ink is the common one, but there's little standardization so Wacom, Huion, etc. have a lot of specialization) and I might need to have more than one. The UI for the brush dynamics would need a full update anyway to support mapping the values. Food for thought.

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