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BlastWave's Gallery - Airships Over Horoa

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Thanks guys!


Here's another scene, fresh out of the oven. I call this one "Heavy Armor".



Three A/LFV-91 legged infantry fighting vehicles move through thick fog in a forest located somewhere in the South Korean countryside.

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@LionsDragon Thanks! I am not in the military nor have served in it, but I spend a significant amount of time studying various photographs of military vehicles when designing these to make them as detailed as possible.


@TrevorOutlaw Thank you for your kind words. :)


Here's a scene I call "Hold The Line" where two heavy combat hardsuits of the 9th Mobile Guard Corps fight off some invading martian forces on the surface of Mars in the middle of the night.




Here's one of the suits separate from the scene, alongside a space infantryman for scale.



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Seeing as how October begins tomorrow, I decided I wanted to do some scenes inspired by the 1917 Russian October Revolution after looking at some old paintings of the Russian Winter Palace. These are very quickly done, but I hope they still have the same quality as my previous scenes!







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