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BlastWave's Gallery - Airships Over Horoa

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Thank you everyone!


@LionsDragon The "cow-catcher" at the front of the tank is what Eli said it is. It is a mine-plow which is used to push forward dirt and clear mines in front of it, preventing said mines from rolling underneath the treads and detonating. Here is an image of the real life M1A1 "Abrams" Main Battle Tank equipped with a mine plow mounted to it's front.





There is also "mine rollers" which do effectively the same thing.





I'm back after some time! Here's some of my new work. I've been experimenting with perspective and a few other new effects and tricks.








Space warships in transit.




And finally, here is a little bonus.




A DeLorean DMC-12.



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@BlastWavemay I borrow the DeLorean? I can have it back by yesterday :D


Nice new works. It is good to see you experimenting & growing in work style. The one with the spaceships over head & the dude near the car is especially good. You put a lot of thought into the perspective in this one. The other works are also top notch.

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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16 hours ago, barbieq25 said:

Very nice! They remind me of sharks ready to strike :D

Thank you! They do look a bit like sharks, now that I look at them.


Here's a new scene. A Russian cosmonaut and his pet drone standby for a rescue helicopter next to his Vostok space capsule after a rough landing somewhere in Kazakhstan.


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Wow...all these space pics.  <3   I may have to break out some DVD's and watch some classic sci-fi!  :D

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