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Change default print size

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How do I change the default print size? I am looking to change the size when I select File -> New. I current default is width 8.33 inches and height 6.25 inches. I'd like to change the default print size. I have 4.0.16 version installed. 

Screenshot 2017-04-21 07.43.01.png

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Question: Are you going to print something?


If so, then you might want to change the dpi (pixels per inch.) 96 dpi will give you a small print; 300 dpi, a bigger one with better resolution (if you're going to print the image.) Then, you change the image size if needed.

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on might not be family-friendly. 😱 )

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Print size is a guide to the density (DPI) setting. It is there to help you figure out what dimensions your image should be i.e. to produce a print of quality z (DPI) when you have image dimensions x & y.

Print size does not indicate what size the printed version will be UNLESS you print at the same DPI.

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