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Words Fail Me

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I am trying to use Paint.net to paint cars in a racing game.

I can download the vehicle templates.

As many of you would be aware, car templates are split. eg both sides are apart from the top. With other parts of the vehicle scattered here and there.

I have some nice images I would like to layer over the top of the templates.

Many of them have defined edges and lines that need to be in line once the template has been flattened and saved. 

Is there a way to cut the exact shape of say the top section of the template from the layered image so that I can move the remaining part of the layered image to allow correct alignments?


Word fail me when trying to describe what I need to say.

I hope someone knows what I am asking :)



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Thanks for the replies

I do belive it is 3d texture mappipng (see atached image)


I have finally got the image to acceptable size :)

I have been playing around with Paint.net for some time now and am stumped when it comes to getting one part of a single image to match with a side top or back.

Every car is different.

This one is a Lotus 49 (1967).

In the past I have just resorted to layering different images on each plane or simply duplicating and flipping a layer to suit.

I would like to move to another level of car painting, and maintain a single image throughout the body of the vehicle.


Thanks again

Lotus 49.gif

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Hello @GRAntmoles


You are basically asking Paint to render a 3D image of the Lotus. Other than basic shapes like a box or a sphere - this is way beyond paint's abilities. You need a different 3D app like Blender to put the image together properly. You can only use paint to color this 3D template - not to create the car itself. Sorry to disappoint you.


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Thanks heaps

I was beginning to think that this may be the case.

I wold have kept stumbling about for ages, if not for your honesty.

I will still keep using Paint.net, but only for the fun things.


Now I have to learn a new program  - The older I get the harder it seems to learn something new :)  



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What you have shown us, is in fact the mesh of an 3D object, sliced in flat pieces for each visible part of the machine. I know such templates from games like IL-2 Shturmovik and have edited such templates with PDN in the past.

Unfortunately I do not know how your source looks for your own skins. Are they simple photos of corresponding vehicles or are they pre-processed images of single parts?

It is in the nature of things that photographs represent objects distorted in perspective. When curves come into play, it becomes complicated and you do not get around to postpone such a thing. You can not simply copy an image to the right place in the template. In some cases the plugin Gridwarp may help you.

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