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Sticky color wheel -- mouse capturing issue

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It's possible to release the mouse such that the color wheel thinks that the mouse is still held down on it.

Shot in the dark that the cause of this issue is capturing the mouse on mouse down event and releasing the mouse on a mouse up event. If this is the cause, the solution is to either disable right-click from affecting the color wheel, or check that both the left and right mouse buttons are not held before releasing the mouse.

If one of the two buttons is still held when one is released, the second one can be released outside of the bounds of the color wheel and it won't register it because the mouse is no longer captured.


Steps to Reproduce

Step 1. Click with the left or right mouse button inside the color wheel.

Step 2. Click with the other button inside the color wheel.

Step 3. Release the first button.

Step 4. Release the second button with the mouse not hovered over the color wheel.


PDN version 4.0.15

Windows 10, 64-bit


Here is the original page where I discovered this bug while trying to solve a problem for another user.


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I'm able to repro this if the button releases are both done with the cursor outside of the color wheel.


PDN version 4.0.14 and 4.0.15

Windows 10, 64-bit

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