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Random BSOD's During Use

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I frequesntly use Paint.NET. It's a very nice freeware paint tool that has a lot of capabilities for being free. However, with free comes problems, and one I frequent is random Blue Screens while using. I use Windows 10, and for seemingly no reason i get blue screens that shut down my computer and revert work done. I had one 30 minutes ago that happened in the middle of my drawing a spider. I was just creating lines for it and the program shut down, reverting the (almost)hour of work i had that was almost done. I seem to be the only one having this problem and paint.net is the only program i've ever blue screened from, so does anyone have any idea on what might be happening or fixes? Thanks.

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When a BSOD happens, the screen will tell you why the computer crashed.  We will need to know the reason for the BSOD.


Windows logs when a BSOD happens. You can view these events in the Event Viewer.  Press your start button and type Event Viewer and press enter.  In there, select Windows Logs > System.  Look for the Error event that caused the BSOD and tell us the reason.


Knowing nothing else about your problem, I'm going to guess that your video drivers are out of date.  Upgrade those and see if you're still getting this error.

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My guess is your GPU driver has a bug in it. Only kernel mode software can cause BSOD.


You can try running with Hardware Acceleration disabled, which you can toggle from the Settings (gear icon at the top right of the main window).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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The same thing happened to me, but with a stop code of 0x00000124 (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR), half a year ago I used paint.net for the concept of an old school UI while I had a Windows 10 insider build. Now I rolled back to Windows 7, here I had exactly the same cacophony when working with the same graphical editor.

Like it or not, but after defragmentation, virus checks and all that, I can’t fix it, I even barely washed the motherboard from dust.

In short, I hope for your understanding, because I am a newbie and a professional in creating drawings in paint.net (since 2014)

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