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Select only border of object (x pixels)

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I'm have several pairs of images, where 1 of each pair is damaged.
I want to replace this with areas from the second image.
Do note: The color/brightness and zooming of the second image is slightly different.
What I do:
1: Try to match the contrast/color accordingly;
2: Create a new layer and delete the damaged spots.
3: merge them nicely.
And there is the small problem. Feather doesn't do the job, as the zooming is a little off.
Using Gaussian Blur does the trick, but I (have to?) manually select the border everywhere to apply this effect, unlike Feather.
The images are big, so it takes me a lot of time to do this manually and equally everywhere.

Is there some way I can use the blur effects on transparent edges automatically (like the feather plugins),
or can I easily select just x pixels from the border all around the object, to apply the blur effect on (like invert selection, but only for the border, x pixels)?

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