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make a transparent picture

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hello, i have a picture and i want to use it in background. But i want to add text on it. So i need to transform my picture (transparency of 50% will be ok).

do you have any idea ??

 i tried the magic stick, then then alpha transparency but i just got a grey picture...

help please :)

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Any areas you delete will show the gray and white checkerboard pattern which indicates transparency. To make these areas persist in your image you need to save it in a format which supports transparency, like PNG.

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I'm not certain what you're trying to do. If you want to add text on top of the picture, you should add the text in a separate initially-transparent layer (as xod demonstrates). If you want to make the entire picture partially transparent, you can change the layer's opacity using the Layer menu. I'm not clear on why you need to make the picture semitransparent in order to add text on it. (I don't doubt what you want to do makes sense, I just think you need to add some more explanation.)

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hello and thanks for helping.

So i have a beautifull picture. But if i put text on it .... i cannot read the text very well (it's for my web site). So, i want to change the picture in a background picture. I guess i have to transparent it 50% maybe. After that, i will add my text in html...

any idea ?


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Because you used a transparent layer under image (Calque2).
So, you can see the checkerboard pattern which indicates transparency like EER said before.
In my example I used a white layer to avoid this.

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First its a JPG. Please take your lovely image and save it as a PNG and work from it from there. The JPG is the format of choice for deployment since it is smaller but you only deploy as JPG; which means that you post the final picture you want as JPG onto your website but you work with your image as PNG before that time. The reason for this is that JPG loses quality every time you save it and upload it and change it but PNG does not lose quality over time.

  • So just save the original JPG image as PNG in Paint.net, then use this image to work with.
  • Add a layer over the image and under the image
  • Make the bottom layer a white background
  • Put your text onto the top layer

Transparency will not solve the readability of your text if you want the image quality or look to stay the same. If you make the image transparent then the background color will show up by that amount it is transparent. So it will never truly be transparent if your website has a background color which is dark. That is why you need to just make the background white. This will however make the picture simply more white. If that's not what you want then you need to edit the TEXT in the top layer in order to make it more visible.


Fully Opaque Image                              50% Transparent White Background      50% Transparent Black Background




These images were created doing this very thing. So if you want your image to look as bright and colorful as the original then you will need to make the text more visible on the text side of things.

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