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How to make this effect

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I have this image of some squares:



In this image there is a subtle effect that I can't figure out how to do.


If I zoom in closer we have this:



and even closer we have this:


scaled up version:



How do I make the effect that you see in the last 2 images? It looks like some sort of noise except it's only 1 color and it's scattered in a predictable way(so not really noise I guess). Is there any good plugin for making this effect?

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If you want a little more texture to the gradient as well you can try NoiseChoice. I recommend trying the transparent option and/or putting the noise on a separate layer from the gradient to see if you can stack it in different ways. But from what I can tell, your effect is a combination of a dithering like Iron67 said and it being graded out at the same time. But maybe this will complete the look.


Maybe even doing it backwards somehow, using the gradient itself to make the noise transparently graded. Here is an attempt of mine to replicate the effect:noiseGradient.PNG.ba80409c5166be9e40f3867b9bff1bdb.PNG


I used Gradients Galore (EDIT: Default Gradient with Colour 1 Opacity: 205 and Colour 2 Opacity: 155) and then NoiseChoice. Creating 3 layers: White background, gradient and then noise on top. The noise for this particular look was set at:


Spacing 255

Color of Blend: primary to secondary

Blend: 0.5

noise on object only: unchecked box


I then copied the top noise layer and then selected the gradient layer and used another plugin: Paste Alpha which is a part of Boltbait's Plugin Pack. There are others like it but this has a zoom slider which I used and set at:


Alpha Source: clipboard shades of gray

*reset the center as you need

Zoom: 10


EDIT: Then I unchecked the noise layer and copied the textured gradient layer with the white background underneath.


There are many ways to go about it but that is one of them. Hope this gets your own custom gradient look you like.




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i finally found a definite solution! i found this in PyroChild's plugin pack, but you may be able to find it in other places. 
Here, i have generated a gradient:
Then, i use this handy effect called Quantization
(Location as of PyroChild's plugin pack)
Here, set the dithering level to maximum and set the colors to anything of your liking (average value in GD is 8-16 depending on the texture size)
I noticed that the gradient i am using was quite exaggerated, and it would work better on more subtle and graduate gradients such as the ones in GD

hope i helped, i have been searching for a solution for a very long time to be honest

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