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Tool: Color Mixer as Light

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Oh wow that must be interesting. I'd love to see what the chromagraph might be (possibly a made up word, chromatogram?). Though it might not actually correlate since what colors you see might have more to reflect on the nature of cognition itself than the natural harmonies which exist between light and sound. But it would be very interesting, to say the least since they must be connected in some way.


The project is slow going and in its beginning stages. I haven't yet taken it beyond theory and into actually hearing it but these are small steps to seeing it more and more. I'm not sure what I would do with it but I've begun thinking about mapping different scores of music to color and just looking at it. The ability to mix colors as light lets me do chords which is a must for seeing any real music. Though I've yet to grasp how they actually should be represented.


It may take some time, but I'd love to post a developing topic on this as it progresses. Thanks for your interest!


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